Caught the Travel Bug

Joanna Taylor
Semester 2, 2017 Exchange to University of Mannheim

I have been living in Mannheim, Germany for just under 3 months and I am absolutely loving life. Moving in, setting up my room and getting to know my rooms mates was a daunting and somewhat overwhelming experience to say the least, but it was well worth it. I have met so many amazing people that have now become like family to me. Sitting around the dinner table playing music, talking and laughing are some of the best times I have had here.

As for my uni life, I am loving the random mix of subjects and have found the work load to be just enough to keep me interested, while still allowing me to go off each weekend and explore the quant towns that Germany has to offer, as well as visit Berlin, Munich, Amsterdam, Paris and Switzerland. Each city offers amazing new experiences, but I have to say that Switzerland took my breath away and is by far my favourite place thus far.

This experience has allowed me to explore and learn more about myself and what I like to do in a way that I would not be possible at home. One of the things I have realised is just how much I love being outdoors and exploring nature, so much so that almost every week I make time to get myself on a tram and go out into the countryside of Germany and spend the day hiking and rummaging around old castles.
One of the best decisions I made was buying a bike. Whilst the public transport system is quite good in Germany, me and my friend Sarah decided to purchase an old bike for 30 euro, which I use to ride into Uni and now allows me to explore much more of Mannheim.

I have 2 more months left before I go home and I can honestly say that it will be hard to get myself on that plane. This trip has opened my mind up to the limitless experiences one can get from traveling.