Exams, Travel and then Home

Joanna Taylor

Semester 2, 2017 Exchange to the University of Mannheim


Exam week is slowly creeping up, so I have been spending my time studying, research and trying to keep both my mind and body active as much as possible.

I am feeling somewhat nervous and sad knowing that the semester is coming to an end and that in no time I’ll packing my bags, leaving my new friends and heading home. However, I do not take advantage of the incredible opportunity it has been to study at Mannheim University, one of Germany’s best Universities. Being a law student studying humanities classes such as Sci-Fi and Fantasy and Gothic Culture, it’s safe to say that this semester has been a breath of fresh air. While these subjects have nothing to do with the law, they have been completely enlightening and I have thoroughly enjoyed going waking up each morning and heading to class. Each class has been something completely different to what I’ve been used to back in Oz, but I’ve loved every minute of it.

I’ve gotten to know my classmates and had the opportunity to learn about subject areas I would never have been able to at home. Knowing full well that many people struggle with being homesick, I have put all my efforts into ensuring that I meet new people, travel and say yes to absolutely everything. I think that is what has been a Godsend and what has saved me from becoming homesick. I’ve tried to always make the most of new situations, instead of staying in my room thinking about home. I think this is the most important advice I can give anyone planning on doing a semester abroad.


I’ve been in Europe for over four months now, have two months left before I make it back to Melbourne and that still doesn’t seem like enough time. Europe has provided and continues to provide endless sights that call to be seen and visited. So, once exams are over I plan to head off to explore Switzerland and Austria over Christmas with my two best friends, celebrate the new year in London and will then discover the countryside of Scotland and Norway. So many good times still to come!