Oh Canada

Matthew Easton

Exchange to Canada, Semester 2, 2017

Before the onset of winter, and the beginning of the snow falls. Northern Ontario undergoes a stunning autumn transformation.

With the hills surrounding North Bay a flush with amazing tones of Orange and Red. As Autumn can quickly become winter, I strongly urge those who attend Nipissing University for their exchange to hire a care and go on a road trip. Due to the position of North bay, the Cities of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City are all within driving distance. During the Thanksgiving break starting on the 6th of October I and six other international students went on a week long road trip, where we spent time in all of these cities.

The first stop for me was Montreal, where I spent time with family, before re-connecting with the other internationals, here, we got a taste for Quebec culture, namely poutine a national dish of Canada. The next stop was Quebec City, an old city with beautiful structures and even better food. It was a fabulous experience, with each city providing a different flavour, from the Melbourne like Toronto, to the older structures found in Ottawa and Quebec City. Between each city, there is an amazing amount of nature trails, waterfalls and other outdoor activities to utilise. This trip was truly great, with each night spent getting to meet new people out and about, I strongly urge all exchange students to make the most of their time in Autumn, as once its gone, it stays gone.

This year has been a late winter, with the first snow falls only coming in the middle of November, but when it hit, we had over a meter of snow in under two days.