Travel tips – for the frugal

Sarah McNeil

Exchange to the University of Mannheim, Semester 2, 2017

I am coming to the end of my exchange semester in Germany and I have been lucky enough to have travelled to a lot of places!

Travel within Europe isn’t always as cheap as everyone makes out, however in some cases, you can get amazing deals but these trips often have to be booked way in advance.

When booking travel within Europe on a budget these are my suggestions:

– FlixBus – I have a love-hate relationship with this company, but they are a super cheap way to travel throughout Europe even if you’re going to a different town they can be super cheap. Again it’s cheaper if you book in advance but you can get to and from Slovenia for about €70. It will take you 13hrs on bus but you’ll get there

– Skyscanner – this is the best thing for cheap flights!

– GoEuro – a website that compares train, buses and flights to see the time and price variation (great for trains)

– Rome2Rio – similar to GoEuro but can do outside of Europe as well

That covers your trains, buses and planes, but what about cars…? Well, there is a thing called BlaBlaCar, which is where people register trips that they are doing and you can pay to have a seat in their car. Admittedly I never used it, there were never any trips going where and when I needed them too, but some of my friends used it and said it was good. It’s also pretty cheap.

There you go! Hopefully one of these will help get you somewhere you need to be. Once you have sorted travel you will need to sort accommodation. HostelWorld is great and I never had any issues with the places we stayed (read the reviews properly, take note of cleanliness score!!) Also look at Airbnb, places like Krakow and Budapest have Airbnb’s for super cheap prices and if you can have your own space, why not?!?! I hope this will help someone of exchange, travel on a cheap budget!

I know it helped me keep the costs down as much as possible!