Thanksgiving in Canada

Mia Chiosso

Exchange to Nipissing University, Semester 2, 2017

While being on exchange at this amazing university they held a Thanksgiving Dinner for all international students so that they could experience a holiday that many of us hadn’t experienced. The dinner was held at the university and the international department and all the students who were apart of it made this entire thing possible.


The most amazing thing about it was because I got to try Pumpkin Pie for the first time and let me tell you it was amazing. It was sweet and savoury with amazing touch of cinnamon. The other kind of food that was given to us was turkey (obliviously), vegetables and many other foods that are similar to a traditional Christmas dinner. The food was amazing and I was so amazed by how much effort they put in having this for us.


This amazing university and its international department have held many amazing programs for us while being here. They have organised a camping trip at Algonquin Provincial Park, going to Niagara Falls, going to see a Hockey game and so on. This being paired with an amazing Thanksgiving Dinner showed how much they wanted us to have an amazing experience at this university and be able to experience all the amazing things that Canada has to offer.

By having these kinds of programs and events I have been able to create connections and make friends with many different people. I have made many friends but my main ones that I made are Gini (from Germany), Mikko (From Finland), Daniela (from Germany), Hanna (From South Korea), Louise (From France) and Toby (From South Korea) and having these friends I have felt like this experience has been so much more enjoyable. Therefore by having these events it allows for us to connect with people from other countries but also Nipissing University students who were our mentors. The meal was amazing and the company was even better.


They also had decorations in the true thanksgiving style. They also created a paper tree where we could write on a leaf what we were most thankful for. Therefore being apart of the true thanksgiving experience. I was able to speak to many people about Australia. I showed them AFL even though many of them thought it wasn’t real or a prank that Australians pull. I showed them photos of Australian animals that they were afraid of as they thought that all the animals were going to kill them. Someone asked me if we had McDonalds that I replied ‘of course’. I felt that this was asked, as many people don’t realise that Australia has cities too and we are not all like Crocodile Dundee.  I found this really funny and also informative as you get to learn what people think of Australia.


This amazing dinner was held by this amazing university and its international department and I recommend anyone who can do an exchange to do it because you get to experience things that will only happen once in a lifetime.