Exams, Christmas then Travel

Joanna  Taylor

Mannheim University, Semester 2, 2017 Exchange

I have just finished my last exam and officially made it through the semester. The exams were definitely a different style to what I’m used to in Australia, but it was good getting a taste of something new.

Tomorrow my boyfriend and my best friend arrive in dreary, cold Mannheim and we are heading to Switzerland and Austria for Christmas. From there I will go to London, Scotland and then Norway.

So far I’ve had the most amazing experiences and met people that I’ll never forgot. While I have learnt a lot in uni, the biggest lessons have been really to just enjoy life, say yes and explore who you are. I learnt an incredible amount about myself, being stripped of my family and all familiarities in Australia.

I will return a much for confident, self assured person and I will be forever grateful of the experience.

Last night I went to my first ever Christmas market and it was truly like it was taken straight out of a picture. Rugging up and visiting the cute little jewellery stores, the ice skating ring, listening to the beautiful Christmas carolling and sipping on some mulled wine that warms you up from the inside made for the perfect night to end my time in Mannheim.

While it isn’t the most picturesque town in Germany, it is situated in the perfect spot to do weekend trips to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg and bigger trips to France, Austria Switzerland and pretty much anywhere you want to go in Europe.

While the exam period was somewhat stressful, you get through it with your friends and I can leave Mannheim feeling more knowledgeable and experienced than ever. I’m definitely going to miss the wonderful food, the landscape and all the amazing places to go hiking and can’t wait to return!