Last Exchange Dinner 

My name is Mia Chiosso from the Melbourne Campus of the Australian Catholic University and I am at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.  


The photo indicated below shows my friends and me at our last Exchange dinner celebrating the end of the Exchange program. This dinner was held at the Museum and hosted by the University so we could say goodbye to other exchange students, the amazing people who helped us and the friends we made at the university.   


This dinner was beautifully set in a room within the museum where we were given amazing food like chicken, pasta, salad and cake of course. This allowed for all people at the dinner to have an amazing time as we could enjoy our last goodbyes with amazing food provided to us by the university. We were all dressed up and had felt as if we were at a banquet dinner.  


The people in this photo and many other friends that I had, made my whole experience aboard at another university so much more enjoyable as I able to make friends with people I normally would never have been able to make.  


This amazing dinner not only gave us amazing food but also gave all internationals a Canadian flag where we could sign each other’s so we would remember all the people and memories that we had experienced while overseas. The mentors and others involved got a canvas with a photo on it where we could sign our names and write messages and memories on it so they could see how thankful we were for their help and friendship.  


This was an amazing night as we were able to thank all the people who had helped us throughout this amazing experience. I was so fortunate to been allowed to go to such an amazing university. Everyone who is able as it is a once in a lifetime experience should enjoy this experience that all should enjoy. I have grown so much over the past couple of months as I was taught independence and was able to experience a new culture and university environment that I wouldn’t have been able to experience in Australia.  


The dinner was amazing as I was able to say goodbye to my amazing mentor Natasha who had always been there for me and an amazing friend to me over these pasts through months. She was an amazing friend and we were on the verge of tears by the end of the night as it was going to be a goodbye for the both of us that none of us were ready for. It was amazing to say thankyou to her for helping me through this amazing experience.   


This was the end of my amazing exchange experience that would never been able to have had experienced if it wasn’t for the amazing people in the background who helped me and so many others to make sure that we had the best time possible.