Things to do around North Bay

There are a few Hockey Rinks around, where the school teams play, which can be a nice way to get involved in the University Culture a bit. The Student Union also offers free access to Ice skates, Snow Shoes, and other such equipment.  The trails behind the University are beautiful, and grant you access to a waterfall, and its various pathing offer a range of different challenges.  If you get the chance take the opportunity to go to Algonquin Park for the weekend.  The Park itself is stunning and it acts as a nice way to get to know the other Internationals even further and to settle yourself into the fabric of the area.  Utilise the early weeks to see as much as you can before the weather saps the will to brave the harsh cold for a nice view.

As for Night Life, during the first few weeks of the semester the bar named The Boat, which is on Lake Nipissing is the place to be. Offering a nice outdoor area for drinking, eating and dancing. However, The Boat does not stay open forever, they close at the onset of winter as the temps make the outside bar unbearable. By far the most popular of North Bays late night entertainment, Club 151 is the place to go all semester round, be it in the positives or deep into the negatives. Don’t let the outside fool you, the inside of the club is quite cool and spacious.  Lastly, the Moose is a place for during the week, small, but highly popular on a Wednesday. Other than this, Night Life in North Bay consists of Parties throughout the Residence Complexes, which need to be experienced, just for the novelty of it.

The Residences.

There are 4 residences complexes attached to the University, two are up the hill, by the Uni and two are down the hill.  Townhouse’s (TRC), and Governors House are the two by the University and mainly house the upper year students, so I would recommend trying to get into either of those, as you will be around people of your age or closer. The other two, Chancellors and Founders, are down the Hill and are where most of the Res Parties happen. Whilst being by far the craziest and loudest of the Complex’s, its residents mainly first and second years, so you would be around people from 17-19.

There is plenty to do around North Bay, you just need to know how to find it. Make sure that you get to know Canadians from your lectures, otherwise you risk remaining in the comfort of the other International students. Its all to easy to close yourself off.

Take the Opportunity to experience all that the area has to offer, because the months fly by. As I write this, I await my flight to Mexico, not quite believing that Christmas and the New year are just around the Corner