Classic pub runs and otherings

Robert Macmillan
Exchange to Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt 
Semester 2, 2017

I’ve found myself in a world I never imagined. From Ocoberfest to Berlin Disco techs at 4am, the idea of what my exchange would be and how it’s come out have been completely different. Before jetting off I could have never imagined ever getting a chance to do half the stuff I’ve done in my time. There has not been a second I can say I regret a thing and just this opportunity to live life somewhere different, even for a couple months, is something I will always cherish.

One thing I’ve learnt quickly through my travelling and exchange is the real closeness people can make in such short time. I’ve spent days in hostels with strangers only with them to become close friends and some of my fellow exchange students to become as close as I am with my best mates at home. This whole experience really taught me that often it’s not really the places you go but it’s the people you’re with that can really make a place special. A moment that never ceases to not bring a smile to my face is the classic Friday afternoon pub run and the clinking the first (of many) steins to the call of cheers, salud, saúde, skål, prost and the thousand different ways different places have for saying cheers. It has the distinct home feel of a classic pub run but dressed up in below 0 German winter weather.

I have a whole bunch of tips for how to make the most of study abroad but they are all arbitrary and different people in different places would all have different tips. The one thing I’d tell anybody though is probably the most cliché one, don’t say no to things. I’m fairly lucky that at the best of times I’m pretty outgoing but some of my few minor regrets have been made because of that two letter word. To quote the infamous saying in my exchange group of mates, “you can always skip lectures and look at powerpoints online but you can never skip a beer” truly inspirational words if I say so myself.