Women’s March NYC 2018

Anna Luhrs
Exchange to St John’s University, USA
Semester 1, 2018

After a cold first week NYC brought out the sun for a few hours giving us the amazing experience of joining millions of men and women across America in the annual women’s march event. The streets were blocked off and lots of NYPD were out whilst we marched from outside of Trump Tower down 6th Avenue to 43rd St. The crowd was pumped, chanting and we spent hours watching protestors hold up signs they had clearly gone lots of effort making for the event.
My first week in New York included, visiting the Museum of Modern Art, the United Nations headquarters, American Museum of Natural History, New York Public Library, lining up in the rain to get into the Comedy Cellar, playing in the snow at Central Park, walking across Brooklyn Bridge, visiting many many bars and eating too much 99cent pizza, catching a Broadway show and trying not to get too lost on my way to class.

The campus at St. Johns is massive compared to ACU’s Melbourne campus. Most of my classmates are surprised to hear that and say that they don’t think this campus is very big compared to other schools. In America, they require you to always address your teacher with ‘Professor’ or ‘Doctor’ followed by their last name, a lot more formal than in Australia. My professors and classes have been really great and my American roommates have shown me how to rent textbooks instead of buying them which saves a lot of money.

They’re holding a Spring fair next week showcasing all the clubs you can join whilst you study here which I’m really looking forward to.