Hopped of the plane at LAX… and ran to catch our connecting flight to NYC!

Caitlin Harper
Exchange to St John’s University, USA
Semester 1, 2018

College experience in New York, someone pinch me, is this true, is this really happening? I kissed and hugged mum and dad goodbye and walked through the internationals departure sign at Melbourne Airport. First step LA, then straight through to JFK.

We arrived and stepped outside…it wasn’t warm. I couldn’t contain my excitement. We caught an uber and checked into college, went to target to get last minute supplies and set up my dorm room. Orientation tomorrow.

Orientation definitely helped erupt my excitement. We can join college sports teams, organisations, sororities, dance clubs, group fitness the opportunities are endless. I am going to have to be the yes man and get everything i can out of this experience, I feel like a child who has just stepped foot into a candy store for the first time.

First class, was great… its hard to remember you have an accent until you are quickly reminded with slow motion heads that turn and look at you every time you speak in class. It a great conversation starter :). So many people have shared their details if we need a friend or any help… this isn’t just a University experience but ACU students have been delightfully welcomed into the St Johns family.
First weekend on college we caught the F train to explore the city for the first time. Walking out from under the subway was breathtaking. Bright lights, bright fashion and bright smiles filled my surroundings. I went to the bagel store and got one with cream cheese, then accompanied it with a black cowwwfeee. Next stop broad way, for shopping! I’ve had to write a list, which involves 52 things I want to do before I leave! There is so much to see and so much to do and the opportunity to blend in with the American culture is an experience you have to live once in your life, it is just like the movies!

Will check back in soon!