The many different Cultures of Germany


Robert Macmillan
Exchange to Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany
Semester 2, 2017

On exchange you become quickly used to the cultural differences of a country.

What’s not normal at first can become second nature. Germany is an interesting country for culture, regionally you can break down parts of Germany into very distinct, extremely different types of places. Living in the state Bavaria in the south of Germany I’ve become very accustom to a certain way of German life.

A quick trip to Berlin with some mates and I can safely say I’ve seen the vastly different side of Germany. Being such an important city historically you naturally visit all the sights. The wall, checkpoint Charlie, Brandenburg gate, Jewish memorial and every other sight that city has to offer. At times the history can be extremely daunting and challenging but ultimately this shapes the city to what it is today. Being arguably the most liberal place I’d ever been especially after coming from the fairly conservative ideals of Bavaria this difference showed me another side of Germany that I hadn’t seen yet.

After Berlin’s checkered history and being suppressed especially during the time of the Berlin Wall, when it finally fell an openness overtook Berlin, that still is the backbone of Berlin Culture. Travelling with friends I have made from Bavaria to Berlin they point out the differences in culture between the two places. Language, mannerisms, fashion it was interesting to see how all in one country these can differ extremely from each other.

The best part to Berlin is easily the nightlife. It’s unquestionable its own genre of nightlife that nowhere else I’ve ever been has ever come close to. The only place I’ve ever been where it’s more alive at night then at day. It has a feel of everybody is in this together on a night out and everybody is your friend.

After just four days of being in Berlin, it’s left an imprint on me and made for some of the best memories throughout my trip. A city that is more than worth a trip to.