Coachella 2018

Anna  Luhrs
Exchange to St. Johns University, USA
Semester 1, 2018

Hello everyone,

I just got back from the most incredible weekend of my life: Coachella weekend 1 of 2018.  Whilst my back is sunburnt, body is deficient in many nutrients and I’ve still got LOT’S of sleep to catch up on: I can honestly say it was an experience of a lifetime that I’ll forever look back on.

The first day I met up with one of my best friends (who amazingly flow all the whole from Australia!), set up our cheap Walmart tents and become friends with those camping around us. The real highlight of the first day was SZA’s set. Her vocals are incredible and as an extra bonus she brought out Kendrick Lamar to perform a song together.

Coachella is always one of the most talked about festivals every year. But this year was extra special as Queen Bey, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter was the major headline of the festival.
If you’re really crazy (like me) you may have even lined up for over twelve hours in dehydrating California heat to be front row for when she performed. Looking back at it, I’m tearing up right now. Little girl me was coming alive again with the Destiny’s Child reunion.

The last day of a festival always includes everyone running around trying to finish all the drinks and food they brought. By FAR the most crazy and wildest day, especially for people watching (people watching at Coachella is the most interesting type you can get). Cardi B performed and brought our SO MANY incredible guest performers (my fave was Chance the rapper). She even gave the crowd, pregnant woman twerking, which is something I honestly can say I never thought I would see in my life but grateful for the experience.

Coachella doesn’t come cheap, along with the whole studying abroad experience. So keep saving your pay checks, working the jobs you hate with the customers you despise and I one hundred per cent promise it’ll all be worth it.