Coming to an end :(

Caitlin  Harper
Exchange to St John’s University, USA
Semester 1, 2018

15 Weeks at St Johns Complete.

As I reflect on my time I look at how much I’ve grown as a person and how many relationships I have made. I had the privilege of going to Broadway, Time Square, multiple sports events, concerts, subway rides, and AMAZING food. To be able to travel and study at the same time has been so motivating for me. On my days off, I jump into the subway and am a tourist and then return as a student at St John’s. It’s a great and humble feeling incorporating both into your life and having balance and the ability to adapt to being a student and a tourist. All in NYC!

I suggest to everyone to do a semester aboard if presented with the opportunity. Settling in and calling New York home since January has been the most easily adjusted thing I have ever done. Yes, challenging at times but so so rewarding. I remember the transition from University to University being supported and I adjusted with no hassle. The semester went by like that! One minute its week 4 and you’re planning your trip to spring break, and in a flash, you’re down to crunch time of the semester, and you’re deciding out of what museums to see in the two weeks you have left. This week, spring has sprung! I have taken off my thermals and on some days even wearing a T-shirt. We have an end of study year Spring concert and Spring carnival put on by the school to celebrate the end of the academic year.

There are so many activities and opportunities on campus, for example, comedy shows, art exhibitions, guests speakers, community projects, cooking classes and so much more. I participated in STEM-based activities and went to a Ted-Talks speaker. If you don’t think you can, you can.

The more challenging, the more rewarding. I would highly recommend St Johns, and I would highly recommend an exchange program while you’re studying. It also gave me an opportunity to connect with other students from ACU all around the country, and I have made great friends with students from multiple campuses including Ballarat, Canberra, and Brisbane. Overall this experience has supported my education and will continue to benefit me as I progress my studies and enter my professional career.

Thanks, ACU and Thanks St John’s!