Coming back home :(

Carly  Siscos
Host University
Santa Clara University
Leaving Santa Clara was very bitter sweet. On one hand I was super sad to be leaving California, Santa Clara Uni, and all the friends I made and became close with over the past semester. On the other hand I was going to New York and then eventually coming home. When I first arrived in Melbourne I was excited, excited to see my family, friends and talk about the amazing experience I just had. It wasn’t until after Christmas that I really started to experience reverse culture shock. My friends at Santa Clara were about to start their winter quarter and I had to go back to work, it felt as though the last 5 months were completely over and I had nothing to look forward too.

These are sad emotions, as the whole of 2017 I was talking about going on exchange and then I did it and now I’m home and it is all over. My way of overcoming this has to been to go back to work, keep busy and plan my next trip. Having something to look forward has really helped me overcome reverse culture shock so I am not just sitting around wishing I were back in California. It is important to remember that you have just had the most amazing experience, and just because it is over doesn’t mean that you still cant maintain all the friendships you made! I had the most amazing time overseas and I cannot wait for my next trip!