Making the most of your time overseas !

Carly Siscos
Host University
Santa Clara University

During my time on exchange was one of the most amazing experiences and I would highly recommend to anyone to study abroad whilst at university.

I believe it is important to maximize your time at your host university as much as you can and take any opportunity you can to do and try new things and meet new people. As someone who is very shy, going to a new place was scary in the beginning but I believe it is very important to try and come out of your shell because that is what the whole point of exchange is, to be in a new surrounding and enjoying your time. I was lucky enough to go to a NBA game and watch the Golden State Warriors and also lucky enough to attend NFL game. During the semester myself and a few other people planned a trip to LA, hiked to the Hollywood sign and even got tickets to be in the audience of Dr. Phil! At the end of semester I was lucky enough to spend Christmas in New York, and it was a time in my life I will never forget!

Despite all the fun times one tip I cannot stress enough is to budget!! I did not manage this well. It is important to budget well throughout the semester and set weekly/monthly plans. I was unable to do this as I just decided to buy everything and anything. This is vital as you want to have enough money to ensure you can do all the fun things when away!!