Studying abroad is a splendid opportunity!

Kelly Baker

When I found out that as part of my physiotherapy degree I would be given the opportunity to do a short-term study abroad program, I was overjoyed. What I did not realise at the time was just how enriching it would be and how much it would also give me skills and knowledge that would contribute towards bettering me as a future health care professional.

The Rome ACU campus has been an amazing opportunity for me to study the UNCC300 Core Curriculum. It really brings the unit material to life when delivered in a global setting. As part of the curriculum we were given the opportunity to meet the Australian Ambassador to the Holy See, Melissa Hitchman, and partake in an event at her residency. We will also have the opportunity next week to serve the homeless communities in Sant Egidio alongside local volunteers.

Learning in a Rome classroom setting, seeing the sites and exploring the city in my free time with the other students has all tied in together in helping me have a better understanding of the Catholic Social Thought and its role in working towards a more just society. The tutors and teachers have been a great help in portraying the values and meaning behind what is being taught.

Living in the Rome ACU campus has also been an experience in itself. Discussing ideas and diving into deeper conversations with other students has been expanding my thoughts. We have also had the opportunity to speak with students from different faculties and also students from America who are apart of the Catholic University of America. It is nice that students from all over are coming together and joining together in a commonness of learning and self-actualization.

In my free time I have also had opportunities to explore other parts of Rome, dive into the culture, experience the cuisine, gelato and sights. These are memories and learning experiences I will never forget and treasure forever. I will definitely be bringing what I learnt back with me and using it to help me with my future life endeavours.