Trip to the Colosseum!!

Kelly Baker

It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to be studying at the Australian Catholic University Campus in Rome. Already, the other ACU students and I have learnt so much on what it means to be apart of a global community, and how having an international global perspective helps individuals to grow and flourish in society.

A great opportunity that a lot of us have received was a trip to see the monumental Colosseum in the heart of Rome. This Colosseum carries so much of Roman history, culture and legacy. The Colosseum reflects also the evolution of Rome over almost the past 2000 years. A lot of this knowledge and history was new to me as I had not previously had the opportunity to study this such history.

I learnt that the Colosseum was constructed around 70-72 A.D. and was an ampitheatre built of stone and concrete where sporting events, entertainment and bloodshed would occur. It is the largest ampitheatre in the world. The Colosseum was able to hold up to 80,000 spectators at one time. It as used for gladiatorial contests, public viewing, animal hunts, executions of prisoners, and dramas based on mythology.

Underneath the Colosseum existed numerous rooms and underground passages which were very exciting for me to see. The animals and gladiators used to be kept in these areas, waiting to meet their fate in the arena above.

It remains an icon in Rome today as a destination where people can come to from around the world to reflect on past culture and history that once existed. The Colosseum now has connections with the Roman Catholic Church, which is a very influential part of modern day Roman culture. When Good Friday falls each year, the Pope leads a torch lit procession called the “way of the cross” that starts in the grounds of the Colosseum.

Seeing such sights and learning bout the history of Rome has contributed to my learning of the UNCC300 Core curriculum that I am studying in Rome. It has helped me to learn about our society and events in history that have shaped it.