Pride Walk 1

The Value of my New Colombo Plan Scholarship

Grace Corcoran

Through my New Colombo Plan Scholarship and study at the College of Micronesia in the Federated States of Micronesia, I was able to help organise the first ever Pride Walk in Micronesia. There were somewhere between 70-80 participants with a mixture of locals and ex-pats showing their support. The atmosphere on the day was so full of joy and love.

This experience was the best experience of my life. I have never been more inspired or empowered by such a fantastic group of people. There were so many tears, laughs and celebratory screams and dances along the way. I learnt that regardless of where I am, it is okay for me to stand up for my belief in equality. I learnt of the challenges that exist within such small, religious communities. I learnt that on one of the smallest islands in the middle of the Pacific, that no one seems to have heard of before, there is a group of people who are going to change the world. I am so grateful for this opportunity and so happy that I met the people I did.

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I encourage every student in Australia to apply through their university for the New Colombo Plan Scholarship. It has taught me so much and allowed me to experience something that hardly anyone else in the world gets to experience. It has given me a new perspective on everything, opened my eyes to new cultures and ways of thinking and allowed me to see a part of the world that I probably would have never seen otherwise.

Pride Walk 1