Trip to the Colosseum!!


Kelly Baker It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to be studying at the Australian Catholic University Campus in Rome. Already, the other ACU students and I have learnt so much on what it means to be apart of a global community, and how having an international global perspective helps individuals to grow and […]

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Japan: The Core

Indiana Christoffersen   I have been in Japan for 3 and a half months now and I can honestly say I am well and truly settled in. I know my route from home to university like the back of my hand I don’t even need Google maps or broken Japanese to ask for directions anymore! […]

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Japan: The beginnings

Indiana Christoffersen  Exchange to Japan Semester 1, 2018 Japan. Wow. Where to start. I arrived here 3 months ago and it’s been a whirlwind, adventure packed, difficult experience. The lead up to coming to Japan was a little bit different for me personally. I left Australia on March the 1st and travelled around America for one […]

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Coming back home :(

Carly  Siscos Host University Santa Clara University Leaving Santa Clara was very bitter sweet. On one hand I was super sad to be leaving California, Santa Clara Uni, and all the friends I made and became close with over the past semester. On the other hand I was going to New York and then eventually […]

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Coming to an end :(


Caitlin  Harper Exchange to St John’s University, USA Semester 1, 2018 15 Weeks at St Johns Complete. As I reflect on my time I look at how much I’ve grown as a person and how many relationships I have made. I had the privilege of going to Broadway, Time Square, multiple sports events, concerts, subway rides, […]

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Coachella 2018


Anna  Luhrs Exchange to St. Johns University, USA Semester 1, 2018 Hello everyone, I just got back from the most incredible weekend of my life: Coachella weekend 1 of 2018.  Whilst my back is sunburnt, body is deficient in many nutrients and I’ve still got LOT’S of sleep to catch up on: I can honestly […]

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In the motion and spring break

Caitlin Harper Exchange to St John’s University, Semester 1  2018 As I sit here in Cancun, Mexico at a restaurant having just ordered nachos! I reflect on the past five weeks of my first half of the semester abroad in NYC. Classes are in full swing, and I’ve made some great new friends. I’ve joined a basketball […]

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