Sitting and Waiting


Taminka – Semester Exchange to Malmo University , Sweden Semester 2, 2016 Travelling involves a lot of waiting and sitting. At train stations, airports, cafes, in lines, parks, galleries, the list goes on. All this waiting can get frustrating, or appear to render your time futile. The thing is, it’s a privilege. When you wait whilst […]

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Being unprepared

Regis - Ellen Atkinson

Ellen – Semester Exchange to Regis University, USA Semester 1, 2017 On my first morning at Regis University in Denver Colorado I woke up to the wonderful surprise of a completely snow covered campus! My feelings ranged from “Omg snow…. EVERYWHERE!!” to “Omg, I am so unprepared for this”. Unfortunately two suitcases worth of clothes, shoes […]

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Irish Challenges!


Samantha – Semester Exchange to Mary Immaculate College, Ireland    Semester 1, 2017 I have been in Ireland for a month now – which seems to have both crawled and flown! I’m going to be perfectly honest here; my first few weeks were tough. I had been touring Europe for two months prior to settling […]

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London 2017!

London Ruby Clementson

Ruby – International Core Curriculum London Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 Sending out my application for the London Core Program was a total whim, and I am so glad that I did! What an amazing city and an amazing experience.  Every day there was something new and exciting to see or do, and so much […]

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I’ve been Rome-ing around”

Rome Brandon Nguyen (1)

Brandon – International Core Curriculum Rome Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 We’ve all heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and they’re right, Rome is a breathtaking city that’s had so much history and culture throughout the ages. If you’re doing the course over Australian summer, the first thing you’ll notice is […]

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Challenges of exchange

Canada Alessandre Alonso

Alessandre – Semester Exchange to Seattle University, USA Semester 2, 2016 Challenges I have faced while overseas and how I’ve overcome them The two biggest challenges I have faced while overseas have been homesickness and doubting that I was able to tackle all the little challenges on the way by myself. While travelling solo and […]

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My time at West Virginia University so far

WVU basketball

Nicholas – Semester Exchange to West Virginia University, USA Semester 1, 2017 So I’ve finally made it to West Virginia University, USA. Rewind the clock back 6 weeks to one day before I was supposed to leave Australia just prior to New Year.  No visa and no passport, the whereabouts of which were unknown.  Luckily a […]

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Language Barrier Tips

Lyon Charlotte Linehan

Charlotte – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 1, 2017 Yesterday (February 6) marked my 1-month-anniversary since arriving in Lyon. I chose France because it was predominantly important for me to improve my French during this opportunity! I have a few close friends who have completed an exchange before but they all […]

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Exchange on a Budget

Money Kate Mitchell

Chloe – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, NY, USA Semester 2, 2016 Exchange on a Shoe String: Budget Tips Before you depart, over budget for what you think you’ll need. It’s always better to come home with money then be too short of money when you’re overseas. Try not to make a habit of […]

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Canadians ARE really friendly!

Canada Georgia Ramacciotti

Georgia – Semester Exchange to University of the Fraser Valley, Canada Semester 1, 2017 The stereotype is true… Canadians are really friendly Somehow it has already been one month since I arrived here at the University of the Fraser Valley and in all honesty not once has it been a let-down.  Before arriving at my university […]

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