Side Travel from the UK

Croatia Tara Croker

Tara – Exchange to Bradford University, UK Semester 2, 2016 Before beginning my exchange studies in the United Kingdom, I embarked on three months traveling around Europe. I was able to do this because of the difference in the semester dates between Australia and the United Kingdom. I left Australia in early July and did […]

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Facts about my host city

Bradford Claire Harbeck 5

Claire – Exchange to University of Bradford, United Kingdom Semester 2, 2016 Bradford, my host city, is very interesting! I have been living here for just over a month now and it feels like I am learning something new each day. Bradford is located in West Yorkshire and is nearly smack bang in the middle […]

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A Walk Through Bradford

While doing an exchange at the University of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England, I had volunteered to talk to Bradford students who wish to visit or do an exchange in Australia. I had countless conversations with students revolving around Australia’s golden beaches, blue skies and kangaroos. Towards the end of each of these conversations most students […]

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