Budgeting Tips!

Lille Madeleine Barlow

Madeleine – Exchange to Catholic University of Lille, France Semester 2, 2016 As most Australian university students work part time while studying, it’s easy to feel daunted at the prospect of making your savings stretch of over a 6-month period of exchange. But don’t let this put you off! Exchange is an amazing experience that […]

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Budgeting tips for Exchange

Heidelberg Emily Pupic (2)

Emily – Exchange to the University of Heidelberg, Germany Semester 2, 2016 Anyway you look at it, exchange is expensive. For most of us on exchange, visa conditions and study means working a part-time job is out of the question. So instead, you’ve spent months at home saving all your hard earned cash for the […]

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Living Away From Home for the First Time

Greenwich Village Chloe Heselden (2)

Chloe – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, NY, USA Semester 2, 2016 Moving across the globe will prove a challenge if you have never lived away from your home and all its comforts before.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent person, there is some adjusting that needs to take place. No, I’m not […]

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Exchange on a budget!

Money Kate Mitchell

Kate – Semester Exchange to Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland Semester 2, 2016 My name is Kate and I have been lucky enough to study in Winterthur, Switzerland. However, whenever I told someone I was going to live here they would always say, “prepare your money” or “its so expensive.” It wasn’t until […]

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Travelling on a Shoestring

Paradise Valley Alberta A.Alonso

Alessandre – Exchange to Seattle University, Semester 2, 2016 After I finished high school, it was my dream to travel as much and as often as possible. In the last 3 years, I have been blessed to be able to keep up with this dream, but the realities of travelling as a part time worker/full […]

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Michael Maure The International Core Curriculum Rome Summer Semester 2016 Hi. My name is Michael and I have just returned from an amazingly eye opening experience – studying UNCC300 in Rome. Not only was this my first time overseas, it was my first time travelling alone! I am writing this piece to help you, a […]

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Helpful Budgeting Tips

Ashleigh Williams The Core London Winter 2016 The ACU travel grant was an absolute blessing when it came to travelling Europe. Without flights to pay for and unsure whether I would ever make the never ending trek back over here, I promptly booked a trip for over two months. While I don’t regret that decision, […]

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