Goodbye for now

Sam McDonald Exchange to France Semester 2, 2017 Well I’m almost home from all my adventures abroad, I’m currently sitting in the Brunei airport reflecting on my travels while corny elevator music plays overhead. I wanted to write a final update before I left France but turns out I got so busy that I ran […]

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Studying at Institut Catholique de Paris

Paris Core Laura Thomas

Laura – International Core Curriculum Paris Program ACU Winter 2017 On the day of our first French class, our teacher Christine came into the room and proceeded to speak to us in French for the next hour and a half. Despite the instantaneous stress when expected to answer a question in another language and my […]

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Side Travel


Charlotte – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 1, 2017 It’s true what people tell you about having so many opportunities to move around while on exchange, especially if you’re in Europe! I have been based in Lyon for 3 months now and have been away somewhere on either a day trip […]

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Language Barrier Tips

Lyon Charlotte Linehan

Charlotte – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 1, 2017 Yesterday (February 6) marked my 1-month-anniversary since arriving in Lyon. I chose France because it was predominantly important for me to improve my French during this opportunity! I have a few close friends who have completed an exchange before but they all […]

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Facts about Angers, France

Callum Ernikiolis

Callum – Exchange to ESSCA Angers, France Semester 2, 2016 For the past three months I have been living in a small city in western France called Angers. It is only a 2-hour train ride from Paris and close to other well-known areas such as Nantes and Rennes. Its population is approximately 150,000, but halves […]

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French living; The anthropological eye

Lille Gemma Weightman 9

Gemma – Exchange to the Catholic University of Lille, France Semester 2, 2016  As a sociology minor there is something so fascinating about moving to a new country and absorbing all that it has to offer. Each culture, population or nation has so many intricacies and differences that are at once strange, adorable, off-putting and […]

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