Travelling in Europe before Exchange


Emily – Semester Exchange to Heidelberg University, Germany Semester 2, 2016 After months and months of planning, August 15 finally arrived – the day I would leave for Europe. Between now and October (when I would arrive in my host city) was 7 beautiful, eye-opening and life changing weeks of travelling Europe. Even better, I […]

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Side Travels and arriving in Germany

Colloseum April Zahra

  April – Semester Exchange to Heidelberg University, Germany Semester 2, 2016 As a part of ACU’s student exchange program, I am studying at Heidelberg University in Germany. Arriving in Europe was my first ever time overseas, making me very excited and eager to explore other parts of the world. Heidelberg is situated in South […]

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German recipes!!

After studying in Germany for 4 weeks, I have eaten many delicious dishes. I discovered that any dish that involves cabbage, potatoes (kartoffeln) and some form of meat is a favourite of mine. I was lucky then that these ingredients were a part of most dishes served. How to make Red Cabbage (Blau Kraut)  Bavarian […]

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My travels in Germany

My trip to Germany has been an absolute incredible experience so far and I am only 2 weeks in!   I have been incredibly lucky during my stay here to experience many traditional and exciting excursions.  On first opportunity I signed up to as many excursions as my study schedule would allow.   First on […]

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