The International Core Curriculum Rome

After learning the Cioccolato Latte dance, we got to have some free-style dance time. Some of the children were very gifted dancers!

Vickie Lew The International Core Curriculum Rome Winter Semester 2017 To be given the opportunity to study UNCC300 in Rome, is one of the best experiences and memories I will have from my years at university. It was the perfect taster into the life of studying abroad. The core curriculum encouraged me to discover more […]

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Day 6


Day Six Woke up at about 6am on the overnight sleeper train. Slept surprisingly well! The rocking motion of the train knocked me right out, although I am glad I brought my ear buds; some people struggled to sleep properly with the noise of the train engine. The view we woke up to was incredible […]

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Core Rome Summer Program

Core Vatican Majella Holton

Majella – International Core Curriculum Rome Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 The UNCC300 summer school was a memorable experience for twenty-nine students who headed to Rome to experience first-hand, issues relating to human dignity and the common good. This cohesive group, was comprised of students from different states, studying different disciplines but all united […]

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Beijing Blessings

Dakota 2

Dakota – Core Curriculum Beijing Program, ACU Winter Break 2016 Studying abroad is an experience like none other. It allows you to enjoy a destination while expanding your mind, learning and making life long friends. Recently, I was given the opportunity to study in Beijing and to do exactly that. Stepping on the plane and flying […]

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Michael Maure The International Core Curriculum Rome Summer Semester 2016 Hi. My name is Michael and I have just returned from an amazingly eye opening experience – studying UNCC300 in Rome. Not only was this my first time overseas, it was my first time travelling alone! I am writing this piece to help you, a […]

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Helpful Budgeting Tips

Ashleigh Williams The Core London Winter 2016 The ACU travel grant was an absolute blessing when it came to travelling Europe. Without flights to pay for and unsure whether I would ever make the never ending trek back over here, I promptly booked a trip for over two months. While I don’t regret that decision, […]

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