The End

Carina Field Exchange to Ireland, Semester 2, 2017 Alas the academic semester is over and all that remains is one final assessment. The last few weeks have really seen my friends and I experience the full gamut of emotions. Having taken a subject which required us to devise a piece of theatre in eleven weeks […]

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Week 5 in Ireland


Carina Field Exchange to Mary Immaculate College, Ireland Semester 2, 2017 Week five finds me right in the middle of the semester. And although its a busy with assignments, there is such a different air about at this stage in the semester in comparison to this stage in the semester, if I were at home. […]

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Irish Challenges!


Samantha – Semester Exchange to Mary Immaculate College, Ireland    Semester 1, 2017 I have been in Ireland for a month now – which seems to have both crawled and flown! I’m going to be perfectly honest here; my first few weeks were tough. I had been touring Europe for two months prior to settling […]

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Summer School 2011

Summer School Opportunities 2011 There are several Summer School Opportunities available to ACU students.  Summer School run in the Northern Hemisphere Summer, so it is in the Australian Winter, between Semester 1 and 2.  Summer School is a great way to have the overseas study experience, while studying the equivalent of 1-2 ACU units. Summer […]

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