Three Weeks and Two Days

Louise Dela Cruz Exchange to Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Semester 2, 2017   It has now been three weeks and two days since officially landing in Milano, Italy; leaving everything known as home behind (temporarily that is).  I must admit saying goodbye to my family and friends was incredibly hard, but trust me when I […]

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Core Rome Summer Program

Core Vatican Majella Holton

Majella – International Core Curriculum Rome Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 The UNCC300 summer school was a memorable experience for twenty-nine students who headed to Rome to experience first-hand, issues relating to human dignity and the common good. This cohesive group, was comprised of students from different states, studying different disciplines but all united […]

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Michael Maure The International Core Curriculum Rome Summer Semester 2016 Hi. My name is Michael and I have just returned from an amazingly eye opening experience – studying UNCC300 in Rome. Not only was this my first time overseas, it was my first time travelling alone! I am writing this piece to help you, a […]

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