The International Core Curriculum Rome

After learning the Cioccolato Latte dance, we got to have some free-style dance time. Some of the children were very gifted dancers!

Vickie Lew The International Core Curriculum Rome Winter Semester 2017 To be given the opportunity to study UNCC300 in Rome, is one of the best experiences and memories I will have from my years at university. It was the perfect taster into the life of studying abroad. The core curriculum encouraged me to discover more […]

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I’ve been Rome-ing around”

Rome Brandon Nguyen (1)

Brandon – International Core Curriculum Rome Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 We’ve all heard the saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and they’re right, Rome is a breathtaking city that’s had so much history and culture throughout the ages. If you’re doing the course over Australian summer, the first thing you’ll notice is […]

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What I’ve seen and done


Henry – Semester Exchange to University of Heidelberg, Germany Semester 2, 2016 Whilst my time on exchange at Heidelberg University in Germany has been an incredibly fortunate experience, the travel I’ve been privileged enough to do on the side has possibly been an even bigger learning experience. Most recently, to take advantage of a week’s […]

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Core Rome Summer Program

Core Vatican Majella Holton

Majella – International Core Curriculum Rome Program, Italy ACU Summer Break, 2017 The UNCC300 summer school was a memorable experience for twenty-nine students who headed to Rome to experience first-hand, issues relating to human dignity and the common good. This cohesive group, was comprised of students from different states, studying different disciplines but all united […]

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