Random Thoughts on New York

New York Kate Rhind2

Kate – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, New York, Semester 2, 2016. 52 Random Thoughts During the First Two Weeks of Exchange in New York That “do you ride a kangaroo to school?” question again… The water tastes weird here. You have to pay to get onto the beach?! Tipping is so bloody confusing. […]

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Final blog from me!

Hello everybody!, this is my third blog out of the three blogs that I have written for the duration of my study abroad experience over at St Johns University at Queens Campus, New York! And what can I tell you it has been an absolute blast!!!!! and I have enjoyed every single second of my […]

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Hello from the USA!

Sorry for the late blog everybody, but wanted to make sure that the midterm was done and finished with before I posted up another blog. So what is there to catch up on, well IT IS FINALLY SPRING!!! And thank goodness for that too, because I was really starting to get over this cold hahaha. […]

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