Rebecca Gower Exchange to St. John’s University Semester 1, 2018  I just got back from the most amazing week away! I caught a bus from Manhattan to Washington, D.C. for three nights. We went to Mt. Vernon which was George Washington’s house which was very beautiful and it snowed outside. We also went to The […]

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Spring Break Road Trip

Nicholas Davey (2)

Nicholas – Semester Exchange to West Virginia University, USA Semester 1, 2017 Spring Break was the middle part of our semester over here in the US so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some of America with my friends.  Five friends and I set out from West Virginia University on a week’s […]

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Spring Break

During the last few weeks of January, there begun a buzz about spring break. This was one of the first American traditions we were going to be a part of, and we were excited to embrace it! It seems that due to the way the semesters work here as opposed to home, the week break […]

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