Mid-semester already!

Tara Fontana, Exchange to St. John’s University Semester 2, 2017 It feels like just yesterday that I was walking through the international departure gates leaving Melbourne, but in reality it was over 2 months ago. Time really flies when you’re having fun!!   I cannot believe that we are already into week 9, out of […]

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And finally, we’re here!

Tara Fontana Exchange to St. John’s University  Semester 2, 2017 After the long months of countdowns, preparations, packing, back and forth emails and those final goodbyes to friends and family, I have finally moved into my dorm and am about to experience what it is like to live and study in New York.   I […]

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First time living out of home

New York Kate Rhind

Kate – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, NY, USA Semester 2, 2016 Every since I was a little girl, I have always been very independent and sure of myself. Being the oldest of three, I have always had to look after others and myself. This has allowed me to smoothly transition into my first […]

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