Random Thoughts on Japan

Todaiji Temple Nara Tess Crawford

Tessa – Exchange to Nagoya University of Foreign Studies Semester 2, 2016 why is it still so humid!? I thought japan was famed for its four seasons…where’s autumn? I just ate 7 plates of sushi and only spent ¥500 ($6)…#sushialldayeveryday 7-elevens really do have everything wait, the supermarket in my town is cash only? wait, […]

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Overcoming Challenges

Angers Callum Ernikiolis (3).jpg

Callum – Exchange to ESSCA Angers, France Semester 2, 2016 Coming to Angers has been an experience where I’ve learnt a lot and have grown by facing different situations that I usually would not in Australia. However, by facing these challenges I have had to adjust certain ways of thinking and to adapt to each […]

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Helpful Budgeting Tips

Ashleigh Williams The Core London Winter 2016 The ACU travel grant was an absolute blessing when it came to travelling Europe. Without flights to pay for and unsure whether I would ever make the never ending trek back over here, I promptly booked a trip for over two months. While I don’t regret that decision, […]

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Summer at Sogang

Sogang University Summer Program 2014 During the mid-semester winter break (in South Korea, it’s their summer break), I attended the Sogang University in Seoul, South Korea as a student, in which I took part in their 2014 Summer Program. On the 22nd of June, I arrived in South Korea feeling extremely nervous due to my […]

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Notes From Abroad #1!

Hi, and welcome to my first official blog post!  Whether you clicked a link to get here, or have found this blog by accident, welcome!  I hope that my posts will be both informative and entertaining to you. Have you ever thought of studying overseas? There has never been a better time to take the […]

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