Living Away From Home for the First Time

Greenwich Village Chloe Heselden (2)

Chloe – Semester Exchange to St John’s University, NY, USA Semester 2, 2016 Moving across the globe will prove a challenge if you have never lived away from your home and all its comforts before.  It doesn’t matter if you’re an independent person, there is some adjusting that needs to take place. No, I’m not […]

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Exchange on a budget!

Money Kate Mitchell

Kate – Semester Exchange to Zurich University of Applied Sciences (ZHAW), Switzerland Semester 2, 2016 My name is Kate and I have been lucky enough to study in Winterthur, Switzerland. However, whenever I told someone I was going to live here they would always say, “prepare your money” or “its so expensive.” It wasn’t until […]

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Travel tips – surviving long haul flights


Alex – Semester Exchange to FH Kufstein-Tirol University of Applied Sciences, Austria Semester 2, 2016 Although in most cases a great country to live in, a visible disadvantage of living in Australia is that in many cases any flight from home will be a long one. Student exchange, while providing plenty of opportunities to prosper, will […]

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Arriving to my host country: my initial thoughts and feelings & Challenges I have faced while overseas and how I’ve overcome them

Katherine Ross Exchange to Universite Catholique de Lyon, France Semester 2, 2015 I arrived in Lyon, France, my host country, a little over a month ago. My first night in Lyon was one the hardest nights I have experience whilst being overseas. On arrival the first thing I wanted to do was contact my family to […]

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Travel Tips

James Conkie Exchange to Fatih University, Turkey Semester 2, 2015   My exchange experience is taking place in Istanbul Turkey, however on my way to Turkey I decided to stop by Old London Town to visit one of my best friends who had been living in London for a year or so now. This meant a […]

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Travel tips

My time here at Gannon has just flown by! I’ve only got one week left on campus now and it’s that time of year where everyone is stressing and studying like crazy for finals. Personally this week is not a stressful week because I only have two finals because all of the other ones were […]

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