Travelling Before the Semester

Hannah Tiffin Exchange to UNCG, USA Semester 1, 2018 I began my exchange experience with my family 2 weeks before the semester began on December 18. We began in San Francisco flying via LAX (allow 3 hours between flights to have enough time to get through customs!) where we rode over the Golden Gate Bridge […]

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Fallinn for Tallinn

Frances Wulf Exchange to Sweden, Semester 2, 2017 I’m sure that one of the most important things that people think about when they think about possibly going on exchange is where else they can travel whilst they study. Going on exchange is more than just studying abroad, but being able to gain an insight into […]

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Exchange Travel Advice

Its been 120 days since I left my home, my family and life in Melbourne in pursuit of the ultimate once in a life experience. I am well and truly past the halfway point of my exchange and I still chance the feeling of wanderlust, with every city, town and country I visit. This weekend […]

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Caught the Travel Bug

Joanna Taylor Semester 2, 2017 Exchange to University of Mannheim I have been living in Mannheim, Germany for just under 3 months and I am absolutely loving life. Moving in, setting up my room and getting to know my rooms mates was a daunting and somewhat overwhelming experience to say the least, but it was […]

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Keeping in Touch

Ellen Atkinson New York

Ellen – Semester Exchange to Regis University, USA Semester 1, 2017 On the other side of the world you are separated from your loved ones at home not just by distance, but also by time. Time zones are killers, not only because of Jet Lag (my first day in LA was painful and covered in coffee). […]

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Making Friends

CUA Mikayla Elliot (6).jpeg

Mikayla – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of America, USA Semester 1, 2017 Prior to beginning this exchange one of my biggest fears was not being able to make friends over in my host country. I was definitely worried about being lonely and wondered how that would effect how home sick I became. Little did I […]

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Spring Break Road Trip

Nicholas Davey (2)

Nicholas – Semester Exchange to West Virginia University, USA Semester 1, 2017 Spring Break was the middle part of our semester over here in the US so I thought it would be a great opportunity to see some of America with my friends.  Five friends and I set out from West Virginia University on a week’s […]

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Side Travel


Charlotte – Semester Exchange to Catholic University of Lyon, France Semester 1, 2017 It’s true what people tell you about having so many opportunities to move around while on exchange, especially if you’re in Europe! I have been based in Lyon for 3 months now and have been away somewhere on either a day trip […]

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What I’ve seen and done


Henry – Semester Exchange to University of Heidelberg, Germany Semester 2, 2016 Whilst my time on exchange at Heidelberg University in Germany has been an incredibly fortunate experience, the travel I’ve been privileged enough to do on the side has possibly been an even bigger learning experience. Most recently, to take advantage of a week’s […]

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