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Guidelines for using ACU blogs

What are ACU Blogs for?

ACU Blogs can be a useful place to support ACU research, ACU projects or some ACU teaching. If you are a student or would like to keep a personal blog, you should look for blog tools such as or

How do I apply for an ACU blog?

Instructions for applying can be found at apply for an ACU blog. Only staff are eligible for ACU blogs and then only when used for ACU purposes and this is the basis for evaluating your application. When approved, you will receive an email giving you the url and your username and password for your blog.

Can I use ACU blogs in my teaching?

If you plan to use your blog for teaching it is a good idea to plan it out first. Talk about your teaching design with Learning and Teaching Centre educational designer Hannah Forsyth – make a time by emailing

Can I set my blog so that only my students can see it?

Yes. Instructions for adding students and setting the visibility so only they can see it are at

Can I set my blog so that it is public?

Not if you intend students to use it. Under privacy law you may not publicly identify a student. This means you may not name them, post photos of them in which they may be recognised or require them to post their own names or any other identifiable information. If you teach or work with other people, your colleagues also have the right to choose whether they are identified publicly online.

How do I keep my blog connected to ACU?

Please follow these two rules when setting up your blog. If your blog does not reflect these principles, we will delete it.

  • Your blog theme: You must activate an ACU theme (either ACU pages or ACU tabs) under the ‘design’ options (this will normally happen automatically)
  • Links: Please provide links back to both ACU Blogs and Feeds and the ACU home page from your blog site

Which policies impact ACU Blogs?

Procedure for Quality Flexible Teaching and Learning

Policy on Quality Flexible Teaching and Learning

What if I would like more than one person to contribute to my blog?

You can add users into your blog as editor, author or contributor. Details of how to do this are at

How can I learn more about blogging?

Training about blogging in teaching will be offered periodically at ACU. In the meantime, a lot of details can be found at


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