Australian Catholic University Blogs

How to apply for an ACU Blog

For general information blogs – Staff only

This is for blogs that are specifically
for teaching and learning purposes. General information blogs can be used to communicate to staff and students about general information relating to ACU. To apply for a general information blog, please contact the service desk –

For general information blogs – Public facing

General blogs can also be used for marketing and promotional purposed, and also to communicate with peers from other institutions or groups. Blogs used for this purpose need to be made public. Staff members who wish to make their blog public will need to seek approval from the IT Director. The name and purpose of the blog should be submitted, along with the rationale of why it needs public access. (Note: Blogs intended to be made public must already have content uploaded before the request will be processed.)

For teaching purpose blogs

Please contact the Learning and Teaching Centre (LTC) for assistance in using blogs for teaching purposes (via LEO) –,_offices_and_their_units/learning_and_teaching_centre/

Your name.

Your username.

By default, individuals’ usernames will comprise first name and last name, e.g., ‘johnsmith’. You may request a different username, but it must be linked to your real name. Different areas or organisations on campus may request a generic username for their blog, but it must be clearly linked to your area or organisation, e.g., ’signadoureception’.

Your ACU National email address. A blog will not be created for you unless you have an active ACU email account.

The name of your blog.

purpose of the blog
or your reason for wanting one.

(web address) you would prefer for your blog. All URLs will begin with ‘’. Let us know what you want to appear after the slash, but remember that we may not be able to provide you with exactly what you want. The final URL for your blog will be determined by the ACU blogs administrators.

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