What is a blog?


Blogs are one of the most powerful Web 2.0 applications to have arisen in recent years and they are starting to really make an impact on education because of the engagement and reflection they encourage amongst students. They also enhance the student learning experience by encouraging deep rather than surface approaches to learning. This module introduces you to blogging basics. This page introduces you to:

  • Blogging basics.

Blogs: the basics

A blog is simply a website. Bloggers typically write short ‘posts‘ on a topic, and readers make comments on those posts. This is what makes blogs a ‘Web 2.0’ technology: the ability for writers and readers to participate directly in the conversation.

A blog can

  • Be professional or personal.
  • Have single or multiple authors.
  • Be open to the public or only viewable to those who you invite.

Most blog are structured like this:

  • Newest material is shown at the top of the blog.
  • Posts can include any amount of interactive media, including links, photos, video, audio and graphics.
  • Posts are also ‘tagged‘ (meaning that authors give them multiple keywords so that they can be retrieved later on) and archived.

Blogs are

  • Flexible.
  • Dynamic.
  • Responsive.
  • Dead easy to set up.
  • Dead easy to use.
  • Customisable.

Still not sure? Check out Blogs in plain English, on YouTube

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