7 easy ways to make local friends in Australia

Let’s talk about how to make local friends at ACU!

Having “local friends” in Australia is not limited to having Australian friends since Australia is such a culturally diverse country. To get the best out of Australia it is important to step out of the comfort zone and try to meet friends who are from different backgrounds!


There are many ways for you to take part in activities at the Australian Catholic University. Every semester, ACU’s various clubs and associations organise a lot of activities to enrich student life. There are also other ways to make friends outside of ACU.

Here are 7 ways to meet new friends!


1. ACU mates (Sydney and Melbourne Campuses)- Every semester, ACU Mates organises numerous exciting social activities and events to spice up your student life in a fun and relaxing atmosphere. Click here to take a look at ACU mates latest trip to the footy or visit their website.


2. ACUNSA – The Australian Catholic University’s National Student Association is dedicated to enriching students’ university experience. Different local Student Associations also launch various activities and events throughout every semester, such as parties, lunch, dinners and tours. Follow this link and find out more about the events happening on your campus.

3. Sports clubs at ACU – For those who are passionate about sports, you can join many different sports club hosted by ACU student associations. Take part in regular trainings, sporting events and competitions and meet new sport buddies! Every year students from all campuses take part in a remarkable cross campus competition: The ACU Games! Click here to have a look at the promising 2011 edition of ACU Games.


4. Free lunch time concerts. Attend some of the great concerts organised by the School of Arts and Sciences in different ACU Campuses. Be ready to be embraced in the classical music and meet more like-minded people.

5. Follow your heart and interests! Participate in some groups, societies and organizations all around Australia. As a local resident once told me “Australia has so much to offer”! If you live in Melbourne, come to the International office and grab a Culture Card Victoria. This will help you find many exciting and diverse culture experiences at reasonable cost. Don’t miss the opportunity to meet like-minded friends 😀


6. Try some volunteer jobs in your spare time. Make a good use of ACU’s Office of Student Success and their Career Development Services to learn about volunteer jobs opportunity via. For instance, some ACU nursing students choose to join in St John Ambulance to obtain more practical skills, while some ACU education students choose to tutor children in local communities. It is a fantastic way to put your skills and knowledge into practice and boost your career while helping others. Meanwhile you will also get in contact with more people, and get deeper insight of local Australian life.


7. Classmates group work. Needless to say, it’s one of the most direct ways of expending your friend circle, as you may spend much time at university. At ACU, students are often suggested to form groups of study, which is a great way to make friends as well as share more information and learn better.


These are just few ideas, and we hope you will find them helpful.

If you have some other good ideas to share with us, or want to give us some feedback,

please leave a comment! 😉


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