Canberra Campus (Signadou)




Australian Catholic University’s (ACU) campus in Canberra was founded in 1963 as a college of Education by Dominican sisters and handed over to ACU at the end of 1990.


Next to a cafe, a library and a bookshop, the Canberra campus gives students a lot of opportunities to recreate: there are table tennis and pool tables, a basketball hoop and even a heated pool.

Social Activities & Student Life

Signadou is a relatively small campus – but that is what makes it special: the ACU Canberra student community is bound together by a number of events, such as barbeques, trivia nights and even an annual ball.

About Canberra

Canberra is the Australia’s capital, but also one of the youngest cities of the country. It was established only in 1908, when there was a big debate whether Sydney or Melbourne should be Australia’s first city. In the end, Australia was in need of a compromise. Politicians finally chose Canberra as the site where they would build their – entirely planned – new capital city. The people could even suggest names for it. Among the suggestions were Sydmeladperbrisho (which includes the first letters of all the other major cities), Democratia, Gonebroke, and even Utopia. In the end, people selected Canberra, which is an Anglicisation of “Kambera” – the word that was used by the local Aboriginal people to refer to the place.

Life in Canberra

Today, with about 345.000 inhabitants, Canberra is Australia’s largest inland city. It is a convenient, quiet and safe place to live. To believe that Canberra is boring, as some other Australians claim, would be not entirely right. There certainly are many things to do! Especially if you’re interestested in arts and culture, Canberra offers has a whole to offer you.

Canberra Campus tour



223 Antill Street
Watson ACT 2602

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