On Trial: Analytical Abstracts and Merck Index Online

July 31, 2015 – 3:06 pm
ACU Library

Royal Society of Chemistry logo

ACU Library is currently trialling the following Royal Society of Chemistry services:

What is Analytical Abstracts?

Analytical Abstracts (also known as Analytical WebBase) is a current awareness and information retrieval service, targeted towards analytical scientists. The service allows for searching of worldwide analytical literature covering the period from 1980 until the latest update.

Analytical Abstracts Cover

What is the Merck Index Online?

The Merck Index Online offers a searchable full text database of authoritative information on chemicals, drugs and biologicals. It is updated regularly and contains over 11,500 monographs – including historic records not available in print edition.

Merck Index Online logo

When does the trial end?

The trial for Analytical Abstracts and the Merck Index Online of these services ends on 17 August, 2015.

Please take a look at these two trials and send us your feedback via our quick online feedback form.

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Cooking for Copyright #cookingforcopyright 31 July

July 31, 2015 – 11:22 am

Did you see this news story earlier in the week?The Cooking for Copyright campaign sees librarians make vintage recipes in bid to change laws.

Today is #cookingforcopyright so search this hashtag on social media and you’ll see some lovely cakes and food :)

But why?

“Currently in Australia, published works such as books, remain in copyright until 70 years after the death of the author, while unpublished works such as diaries, letters and company records remain under copyright forever”. This campaign is part of The Australian Library and Information Association Freedom of Access to Information and Resources (FAIR) initiative, which campaigns on a number of issues, including library funding, cybersafety and copyright law reform.

Our very own Senior Librarian  for Research Support, Ms Stephanie McGlinchey has some old handwritten recipes from her mother-in-law (although there is speculation this recipe was swapped with a friend) and made a apricot date bar to take part in the campaign.

photo of handwritten recipe and plate of apricot slice

Recipe for apricot date bar and the result!

Stephanie said that …”The resulting apricot date bars were nice, a bit like shortbread with date and apricot. I did take care not to overcook them as well. They’ll go into the kids lunch boxes and be nice with a cup of tea, in a nice china cup- another heirloom from Margaret [mother-in-law]. “

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Downtime: Scopus, ScienceDirect, SciVal 2 August

July 31, 2015 – 10:30 am

These databases from Elsevier will be unavailable from 8am Sunday 2 August for approximately 4.5 hours.


  • Scopus
  • SciVal
  • ScienceDirect

This is due to scheduled maintenance by Elsevier.

“Each platform will be displaying a warning to users of this scheduled downtime, and during downtime, there will be a message informing users of the temporary unavailability of service.” 

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Tell us about Library chat and email!

July 28, 2015 – 11:35 am

library chat_blog

Aww our cute friend likes to chat!!

Do you use Library chat?
Didn’t know about Library chat?
Do you email us?

Please fill in this quick survey– we are keen to know if the chat and email services meet your needs :)


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New for semester 2? Are you ready to Leap into Learning?

July 24, 2015 – 12:18 pm

Getting started on assignments can be difficult…

make it easier by completing the online Leap into Learning program.

Leap into Learning logo

Do you know what a peer reviewed journal article is?

Where is the ‘right’ place to start looking for information?

Are you confused about referencing correctly? … Then you are ready to “Leap into Learning”!


What is Leap into Learning (LIL)?

The online tutorial aims to equip you with essential library and referencing skills which will help you succeed in your university studies and beyond.

There are five modules which include topics such as identifying keywords in assignment questions, academic integrity, using evidence & how to reference and searching databases.


What’s in it for me?

Students have told us their positive feedback about the LIL program:

“When I got my assignment, I didn’t know where to start or what to do. Leap into Learning really helped me figure it out step by step”.

“The best part of doing Leap into Learning was that it gave me confidence when doing research – I knew where I could find what I needed and who I could go to for help if I got stuck.”


I’m excited, sign me up!

Just visit the LIL webpage and click on ‘self-enrol’. You will be directed to enrol via LEO. Easy!


Need help?

If you get stuck, library staff can help.

What’s more, Leap into Learning contains loads of videos accessible throughout your degree to help you to get the hang of library searching and referencing skills.


Want more?

Check out the LIL FAQs.


Tip #1 – your lecturer or tutor may ask you to complete Leap into Learning from home or in tutorial time as part of your assessment, but anyone can complete the online tutorial.

Tip #2 – you may hear people referring to the program as LIL or just ‘leap’.


photo of girl leaping into the water


Photo credit: leap of faith http://www.flickr.com/photos/clickflashphotos/2824142858/


Canberra Library changes

July 24, 2015 – 11:53 am

We’re building a new library.

There is going to be a new library on the Canberra campus. It won’t be ready until 2017 (that’s 18 months away), but there are some changes that you will see very soon.

What will be different.

The library collection (the books) and group study rooms will be moved to a temporary building, a modular facility, next to the present library. You will access this building through a covered walkway from the library.

Drawing of group areas in temporary modular facility

Drawing of group areas in temporary modular facility

What will stay the same

  • entry to the library will be the same (through the Antill St entrance or through the Rose Garden)
  • information commons area (where most of the PCs are)
  • library loans/information desk
  • autoloader to charge your card
  • self check machine
  • print/copy room
  • upstairs mezzanine level (and the quiet library spaces)
  • out of hours return chute
  • helpful library staff

Thursday 6 August to Sunday 9 August

The print collection will not be available from Thursday 6 August to Sunday 9 August as we move it to the modular facility. Any items due between 6 to 9 August will now be due on 10 August.

If you have any concerns or queries, please contact Canberra Library.

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Downtime to subject guides: Wednesday 22 July

July 21, 2015 – 12:10 pm

The Library Subject Guides are moving to an upgraded platform on Wednesday 22 July.
This may result in some downtime in access to subject guides during Wednesday.


Apologies for this, but we think you will like the upgraded guides!


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On Trial: SAGE Video

July 14, 2015 – 1:24 pm
ACU Library

SAGE video logo

What is SAGE Video?

SAGE Video is a series of online collections developed in partnership with leading academics, societies and practitioners, including many of SAGE’s own authors and academic partners, to deliver cutting-edge pedagogical collections mapped to disciplinary curricular needs within the social sciences.

Available alongside our book and reference collections on SAGE Knowledge, content supports a range of levels from reference content for research, to pedagogical content for undergraduate teaching, to higher level academic interest material.

SAGE Video combines originally commissioned and produced material with licensed videos and co-productions, to provide a complete disciplinary resource for students, faculty, and researchers.”


Current subject collections available (launched in 2015):


We have SAGE Video on extended trial until 31 August 2015.

Please take a look and send us your feedback via the quick online feedback form.


SAGE Video logo


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Where do your library fines go?

July 13, 2015 – 9:55 am

Thai-Burma Program Graduation

Your library fines are not just used to support the provision of library resources and services, but are also donated to a worthy cause!

In April, as part of our ongoing support for social justice and community development projects, ACU Library donated a proportion of library fines to the ACU Thai-Burma Program.

The ACU Thai-Burma Program is an initiative of the Faculty of Education and Arts.  Alongside partner universities from the US and Canada, ACU has provided tertiary education to displaced refugees on the Thai-Burma border.  In addition to acting as a gateway into community-based organisations or non-government organisations, the program has assisted over 120 students graduate since 2004.

Please visit the ACU Thai-Burma Program webpage if you’d like to make a donation or to find out more information.

Thai-Burma Program Student

Image credits: Album – ACU Thai-Burma Program.

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On trial: Critical Editions of the New Testament Online

June 30, 2015 – 9:54 am

We have Critical Editions of the New Testament Online on trial until 15 August.

What is Critical Editions of the New Testament Online?

From Brill…”this collection…makes available the principal critical editions of the New Testament for the first time in a single collection online, including lists of variant readings and collections of manuscript transcriptions and collations from the late seventeenth to the early twentieth century. In addition, a number of the most useful editions of the ancient versions and of ancillary materials have been included. The principal critical editions of the New Testament represent some of the highest achievements in biblical scholarship”. 

Are you a New Testament scholar? Take a look at Critical Editions of the New Testament Online and let us know what you think of this trial via the quick online feedback form.



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