Public Holiday: Brisbane closed Monday 2nd May

April 29, 2016 – 4:01 pm
ACU Library

Image of single calendar day with text stating that Brisbane library is closed 5th May

Brisbane library will be closed on Monday, 2nd May 2016 for the Qld Labour Day public holiday.

You will still be able to use the after hours facilities at the library, which will be open from 8am to 5pm.

Don’t forget, though – our online resources never close! If you’re away from the library (or it is closed – as in this case) you can always:

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Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker : 1 May

April 29, 2016 – 4:00 pm


May 1 is the Feast Day of Saint Joseph the Worker, who is the ACU Patron Saint of Corporate Services.

So let’s thank the lovely staff on all campuses who do such a brilliant job maintaining and enhancing our campus spaces.

The feast of St. Joseph the Worker was established by Pope Pius XII in 1955 in order to Christianise the concept of labor and give to all workers a model and a protector. By the daily labor in his workshop – offered to God with patience and joy – St. Joseph provided for Mary and Jesus, and so became an example to all labourers on the dignity and value of work as part of the human condition.

The naming of Patron Saints for Professional staff areas serves to further embed the University’s mission and identity, by drawing on the strengths and experiences of prominent Catholics and aligning them with relevant University functions.

The Patron Saints provide a spiritual link to the role each area of the University plays in serving our Mission.


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Student Barometer Survey: Your views do count!

April 29, 2016 – 12:55 pm


Have you completed the Student Barometer Survey?  You have until 3 June!

The Student Barometer is your opportunity to tell us what’s working, what’s frustrating you and what you think of your university experience to date.

The survey runs every second year and it is for all UG and PG students in all years of study.

The survey forms part of a wider ongoing study and is independently administered for the University by the International Graduate Insight Group (

As a thank-you for completing the questionnaire, i-graduate offers the opportunity to win a $1,000 cash prize.

ACU is also offering 50 Coles/Myer gift cards valued at $50 each.

Your confidential response, together with the response from others, helps us to improve the student experience for current and future students.

The survey is now open to Friday 3 June. Go to your student email for your individual link to complete the survey.



Past exam papers are now available

April 28, 2016 – 1:00 pm
ACU Library

The past exam papers site is now ready for you to access.

Sign in with your student number and password, then use the Exam Respository to track down a past exam paper you’re after.

By the way, the best way to search for the exam you are looking for is to select the ‘Filter’ button and keyword search using your unit code (e.g. EDLA204).

Screenshot image of exam repository filter option

For more information on past exams – including what to do if a past exam isn’t available – visit the past exams page on our library website (or use our Quicklinks).

Remember, your library staff are here to help! So if you have any further questions, feel free to contact us (in person, via chat, through an email, or over the phone).

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#diveintodatabases: Loeb Classical Library

April 27, 2016 – 4:50 pm


Dive into a classical world of epic and lyric poetry, history, philosophy, oratory, and much more with the Loeb Classical Library!

 Kelly Dann, Liaison Librarian explains that this series of over 500 classical Greek and Latin texts is now fully searchable online via Library Search.

The Loeb Classical Library, with its side-by-side English translations of Greek and Latin texts was founded more than one hundred years ago “to put the greatest literature in the hands of people”.

This window into the ancient world is now accessible to ACU community to browse, search, bookmark, annotate and share content with ease.

Find The Source by typing “Loeb Classical” into Library Search.




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On Trial: The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music

April 26, 2016 – 9:35 pm


ACU Library is currently trialing the Garland Encyclopedia of World Music until 31 May 2016.

This is a fantastic collection for you to explore.

The Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online is the first comprehensive online reference resource devoted to music research about all of the world’s peoples.

More than 9,000 pages of text material and 300 audio recordings come from 700 contributors worldwide, making this one of most extensive online resources for exploring world music.

Don’t forget we always love your feedback!

The music collection is on trial until 31 May, and please let us know what you think by completing the quick online feedback form.

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On Trial: Migration to the New Worlds

April 26, 2016 – 8:55 pm


ACU Library is currently trialing Migration to New Worlds until 31 May 2016.

This collection showcases unique primary source material recounting the many and varied personal experiences of 350 years of migration.

Explore Colonial Office files on emigration, diaries and travel journals, ship logs and plans, printed literature, objects, watercolours, and oral histories supplemented by carefully selected secondary research aids.

We would love your feedback!

On trial until 31 May, take a look at Migrations to the New Worlds and let us know what you think by completing the quick online feedback form.


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#diveintodatabases: Credo Reference Mind Map

April 26, 2016 – 3:30 pm


Lost for words? You need never be again with Credo Reference and its mind-mapping tool.

Credo’s easy-to-use brainstorming tool lets you type in a key concept which produces a map of related terms.

Links to full-text reference entries about the key concept appear on the right, which can help you clarify a topic.

Each node in the map is hyperlinked and when clicked will produce a new map and further reference sources.

It’s a great way to begin your background research into a topic and discover related terms that you can use as part of your search strategy.

Find Credo Reference by typing “Credo Reference” into Library Search, click on databases, then, under “Databases by format”, select “Reference” and scroll down until you find Credo Reference.


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Job hunting online

April 26, 2016 – 1:08 pm

Want to know how to use social media effectively to network and build your career? A new book co-authored by Professor Jim Bright from ACU’s School of Education, North Sydney, will help you negotiate online sites as you seek to build a profile and find work.

You’re Hired! Job Hunting Online: The Complete Guide will be available from the Library soon, but in the meantime read other books written by Professor Bright simply by entering “Jim Bright” in Search.

Illustrated image of people waiting for job interview

Image Source: Interview, 2007, John Holcroft, (b.20th C./British), Computer graphics . [Fine Art]. Retrieved from Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

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#diveintodatabases: Counselling & Therapy in Video

April 26, 2016 – 12:55 pm


A session with the Counselling and Therapy in Video database

Strathfield Librarian, Maureen O’Brien asksHave you explored the Counselling and Therapy in Video database?”

If you’re a Psychology, Social Work or Counselling student or on the teaching staff, you’ll want to check it out.

Ever wondered how a specific therapeutic approach is applied in a counselling session?  Just how does a psychologist use CBT with a client?  This is the database where you can see it in action.

Teaching staff can edit and show videos featuring experts practising different counselling methods and approaches.  Links can be embedded into LEO.

The database is easy to use, allowing you to search by keywords or browse topical areas, therapeutic approaches, presenting conditions and more.

You can find this database via the Psychology or Counselling Subject Guides or by typing “Counselling and Therapy in Video” into Library Search.

So settle back on a couch and get your session started!


ImageCredit: Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest.

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