Extended access to the Arts and Humanities Citation Index

November 28, 2011 – 10:23 am

Our access has been enhanced/extended with access for  Arts & Humanities Citation Index® (through Web of Science) going back to 1975 now (previously our access went back to 1982).

Subjects covered are the Arts, Humanities, Language (including Linguistics), Poetry, Music, Classical works, History, Oriental Studies, Philosophy, Archaeology, Architecture, History, Religion, Television, Theater, and Radio.

What is a citation database?

“Citation indexes or databases enable you to identify and search for references to previously published works cited by authors in their bibliographies. The ability to search for cited references makes these databases unique and especially valuable to scholars.
Citation indexes/databases do not contain FULL TEXT”.

Take a look at our Research Impact guide if you need more information or Ask your Librarian

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