March: think

March 6, 2012 – 11:44 am

This month the theme is about reading which makes you *think*.

What reading makes you think??

This is probably something you do ALL the time when you are reading for uni – after all – you need to reflect, ponder, analyse, evaluate and compare information for writing and researching assignments.

Let us know … share your  thoughts!

Kate – I love books that put me in different places, different countries, different cultures, different relationships. I quite like being confronted when I’m reading. One of my all time favourite books that I do think about is ‘A fine balance’ – by Rohinton Mistry. Set in Mumbai, India during a time of civil unrest in the mid 1970s, it’s about four people and their lives. It’s about poverty and people and so much more.

If you want to read more about thinking, we  have eBooks on the subject as well (available 24/7 when you are online)…here are just a couple…

And remember -if you want to join the Twitter reading group – there will be a live twitter discussion 27 March starting at 8.00pm Australian Eastern Summer Time.  Use the tag #NYR12 as you discuss your reading which makes you think. More details.


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