NYR: more book reviews from Strathfield

April 2, 2012 – 12:10 pm

As part of the National Year of Reading – Strathfield library staff will be reviewing their favourite books and poetry. We posted some of their reviews last week.

Here are some more.

Where the Wild Things Are – Maurice Sendak

This is a beautiful story encapsulating the imagination of a little boy. A forest ‘grows’ in Max’s bedroom and he sails in his private boat to where the wild things are. Max shows them who is boss and they all, at the command of Max, have fun and dance around, playing games. Max wears a crown as King of all wild things, but when the tummy starts rumbling and the smell of food lingers in the air, he ‘goes home’ to a delicious supper.

I taught this book to kindergarten students and used wild thing puppets and a Max doll. We had lots of fun playing and dancing like wild things and making crowns to wear on our heads like Max.

I love this book.

Vicki – Strathfield Campus Library

The Golden Ass – Apuleius

If you want to gain some insight into ancient Roman literature and culture then this is a good book. It’s narrated with a slight sense of cynical, self-effacing humour and the odd bawdy joke. The story is about a man who is turned into a donkey and has a series of misadventures. In his animal form he encounters bandits, cruel farmers and eunuch priests, until he eventually has a vision of the Egyptian goddess Isis, who transforms him back into human form. In the middle of the story there is also a telling of the myth of Cupid and Psyche. This isn’t connected to the rest of the plot but is interesting reading in itself. Overall the book is more readable and seems more ‘modern’ somehow than many others of the time and it’s easy to forget that it was written in Latin in the second century AD by a Moroccan priest.

Medwenna – Strathfield Campus Library

You can find both of these books in our campus libraries.


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