New: Videatives (260 early childhood videos)

April 11, 2013 – 11:48 am

Are you studying early childhood?

This new subscription to Videatives means that you have access to about 260 clips that show children thinking, sorting through problems, experiencing life! As an example, find out what happens when a butterfly lands on a four year old?

Videatives seeks to “…implement its mission to make children’s thinking visible through the use of short video clips with supporting text. This format (video plus text) has great potential to map theory to practice and to generate theory from practice. It is our belief that good teaching results from helping children explicate their current theories rather than from directly teaching a new theory. As our knowledge of children’s intelligence grows, so does our ability to support the children’s reflections on their thinking, their understandings and misconceptions about the social and physical world around them. Videative titles capture the details of what children know and how teachers can build from children’s knowledge”.

You can search for videos by:

  • subject (eg containers, pets, toy cars, sound)
  • age (eg. infant, two, three)
  • tags (eg. gross motor, communication, problem solving, balance)

Each one has a brief description.

For example, for the video “Teddy builds a ramp”, the description is….” Teddy’s sense of symmetrical design both helps and hinders him while building a functional ramp. He invents a way to keep track of ‘good blocks’ and ‘bad blocks’ by placing them in different locations. Teddy overcomes his habit of aligning blocks so that he can make a working ramp by stacking blocks. The action of a small car causes Teddy to compare the difference between balanced design and functional form. When his symmetrical bridge does not work, he makes it asymmetrical so the car will roll down to the lower side. The duration of Teddy’s focus and attention draws us into the mind of this four-year-old boy engaged in reflective thought and action”.

Screen shot from "Teddy builds a ramp'

How will you find Videatives?

From the databases (journals, articles) page, select Videatives from the ‘V’ link in the A-Z list

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