Melbourne exhibition: reduce, re-use, recycle

July 30, 2013 – 4:13 pm

Visit the Melbourne Library to see the fabulous Reduce, Re-use, Recycle Exhibition by artist Elizabeth Angus!

From the artist:

Remember as a child being told not to draw in your books? As an adult artist, I disregard that rule with gleeful abandon. My disobedience is not a wilful desire to transgress, but part of a philosophy of using and reusing existing materials, an attempt to develop a sustainable art practice. When is a book not a book? When it is transformed into a piece of art. It’s hard to make a mark on a pristine sheet of paper, but when there are existing marks in the form of text, that difficulty dissipates. Books bring a patina of history and meaning with them, both from the words written in them and the hands through which they have passed before finding their way into my possession. My love of books is translated by their transformation into something new.

Please contact Elizabeth directly for more information and purchase enquiries.

Elizabeth.Angus [ at ] or Elizabeth’s etsy page.






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