New: Oxford Handbooks Online: History

October 31, 2013 – 9:02 am

We now subscribe to Oxford Handbooks Online – History.

What’s it all about? This is from Oxford Handbooks Online, but it is useful in describing the scope and content of this collection…”The potential range of Oxford Handbooks in History is endless: history is concerned with everything that human beings have done. Thus volumes already published range chronologically from medieval times to the Cold War; regionally from the Americas to China; topically through race, religions, and gender to food; methodologically from oral history to environmental.”

Oxford Handbooks Online offer:

  • thorough introductions to topics,
  • key issues,
  • major debates,
  • peer reviewed content.

As well as Oxford Handbooks Online – History, we currently subscribe to:

Find out more about the Oxford Handbooks Online…

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