North Sydney Library level 1 refurbishments: blessing and official launch

April 1, 2014 – 12:34 pm

The launch of the North Sydney Campus Library level 1 refurbishments was celebrated on Wednesday 26th March.

The occasion began with a brief welcome by the Director of Libraries, Ms Fides Lawton. The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Students, Learning & Teaching, Professor Anne Cummins delivered a brief speech, highlighting the important role the library plays in supporting the University’s mission and operations.

While Professor Cummins spoke off the cuff, she later provided some notes that she wrote after the event.

“…Sometimes we hear people say that technology will be the death of the library and that spaces such as these will not be needed.
I say that is rubbish.   Libraries are central to learning and to Catholic Intellectual Tradition.  It was the monks and abbesses that preserved knowledge in the Dark ages, that transcribed and transported knowledge prior to the printing press.  AT ACU we stand in a fine tradition of libraries supporting learning and the individual and community transformation that come through education.
The library is the pulsing heart of the university, it brings people together to share curiosity, research,  learning and scholarship.  For students it is place of support, encouragement and friendship.
Much pastoral care of our students happens from staff in libraries.

At ACU we have excellent library services that are acclaimed in cross sector benchmarking and internal reviews.  They provide a critical resource to staff and students .  They engender symbolically and practically the love of learning and the building of culture.  Their place in 21st Century may be different and certainly technologically enhanced, but they will be no less important as the heart of ACU”.

Professor Anne Cummins

Professor Anne Cummins

Fides expressed the library’s great appreciation to the designers, builders, campus operations and IT staff as well as to the AVC, Professor Marea Nicholson and her team for their contributions to the wonderful outcome.  She also recognised the efforts the library staff, especially staff at North Sydney who provided continuous services to staff and students during the refurbishments.  Father Anthony Casamento then blessed the newly refurbished library.

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