New: Knowledge Unlatched

April 14, 2014 – 1:10 pm

Knowledge Unlatched is a collection of 28 scholarly titles covering general interest topics such as literature, history, media, communication, and international affairs.

Titles include:

  • Aging gracefully in the Renaissance,
  • Governing failure,
  • Human rights and democracy,
  • The ethics of armed conflict,
  • Understanding the global energy crisis

… with several of the titles looking useful for Core Curriculum studies.

Knowledge Unlatched are new release publications from scholarly publishers such as Brill, Cambridge University Press, De Gruyter, Duke, and Bloomsbury.

Take a look at the ebooks in Knowledge Unlatched.

These ebooks will shortly be available through Library Search, but a full list of titles available is at Knowledge Unlatched to be read and downloaded.




ACU Library has joined this worldwide pilot project.

“A collaborate initiative enabling open access books. Knowledge Unlatched is helping stakeholders to work together for a sustainable open future for specialist scholarly books. Our vision is a healthy market that includes free access for end users. A collaborate initiative enabling open access books.” – Knowledge Unlatched website


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