One hundred mobile phones recycled in Melbourne!

May 26, 2014 – 1:24 pm

Melbourne has now collected 100 phones for recycling. Huge thanks to all the people who have bought their phones in to our mobile phone collection point in the Melbourne Library.

The ACU Library started this campaign in late October 2013.  Recycling your phone supports The Jane Goodall Institute who have partnered with PhoneCycle to raise money for their vital conservation programs in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

PhoneCycle aims to reduce the impact of the telecommunications industry by removing mobile phones from the waste stream and remarketing them for reuse. Phone refurbishment helps reduce the demand for coltan mining in chimpanzee habitat.

The collections continue in both Melbourne and Brisbane so please continue to support this worthwhile endeavour.

PS. Brisbane have collected about 20 phones so far…but there must be more old phones in Queensland??

Library staff Binoy shows the Melbourne Library phone recycling area

Library staff member Binoy shows the Melbourne Library phone recycling area

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